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Tamar Braxton speaks about her new album, family life and being unsuccessful



IF YOU watch the hit reality show Braxton Family Values, you will already know that Tamar Braxton is the youngest sister of US superstar Toni Braxton. If you do not have the disposition for reality programmes, you may not have heard of Tamar, who is also a singer like her older sister.

In fact Tamar’s new album, Love and War is doing very well, having spent nine weeks at number 1 in the Billboard R&B charts, her lead single, also entitled Love and War, was certified platinum in August.

Coupled with the popularity of her very own spin-off series Tamar and Vince and a new talk show with actress Tamera Mowry-Housley called The Real, Tamar has finally stepped out of the shadow of her older sibling.

However, the singer admitted in a recent interview with us that she does not know how to handle her new found status of celebrity, after being considered ‘the unsuccessful sister’ for so long.

“I’ve been very unsuccessful for so long and I think that that is what I expected (from this album),” said Braxton very candidly. “Sometimes when you’re unsuccessful for a while you don’t expect success, so when it happens, you don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like.”

Love and War is indeed the second album from Braxton, who released her first solo album, Tamar, back in 2000. It was charted at number 127 in the Billboard albums chart and although it sold over 100,000 copies, was deemed a failure and culminated in Braxton being dropped by her record label.

A 13 year break followed when Braxton did not do music, which the singer explained as one of the most disappointing times of her career.

“It wasn’t really a break, I’ve had several situations between my first and second album and it was very hard to solidify myself as the individual that I am.  A lot of people were comparing me to Toni, and I wasn’t that and that wasn’t my personality and it was kind of forced and I didn’t want it to be.  It’s not until now that I feel I have the right situation and it’s because of the show, people are seeing that this is who I am, it is not an act.”

With the help of Braxton Family Values and Tamar and Vince, Braxton has been able to reignite her career, but the reality star does not consider her chart position a success, she instead looks to her family to remind her of what achievement is.

“I consider what I have now a success, the love and appreciation I have with Vince is successful, I consider my son being here successful, I consider my sisters and I having a batter relationship successful and working toward my goals and dreams successful.

”Earlier this year the 37-year-old announced on Good Morning America that she was expecting a baby. It had been highly publicised on her reality show that she and her husband Vince were going to undergo IVF treatment to have children.

However, the All The Way Home hitmaker had decided to put the family on hold and focus on her career. As fate would have it Braxton fell pregnant naturally and welcomed her son Logan into the world in June this year.

Speaking about her son the singer radiated with happiness and said it was a dream-come-true, but she also admitted that she wanted to be an older mother.

BLOOMING HAPPY: Tamar and Vince during their pregnancy

BLOOMING HAPPY: Tamar and Vince during their pregnancy

“I did go through IVF but I had my son through a great drunken night of champagne and macaroons –he was a miracle baby. We were very caught off guard but it is the best feeling yet.

He’s amazing, he’s nothing like his mother, he’s not dramatic at all, he’s just like Vince, he’s real laid back and cool, doesn’t really cry much, sleeps through the night, he’s a great kid.”

When asked if she would be extending her family, Braxton was a little less enthusiastic.

“God no! That’s it, one and done. We went through the whole IVF process because when Vince got sick we didn’t know what the medicine was going to do to his body, I was getting a little older so we just wanted to freeze time, we didn’t want to actually have a baby at the moment, but we ended up with one anyway.”

She added: “I actually wanted to be an older kind mum, where motherhood would be my main focal point, I wanted to know what it was like to be a mum and not to do all of this at the same time, but that was the plan that God had for me and I’m enjoying it.”

Love and War is out now through Epic records. 

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